Our portion of the wheelchair costs were paid for by the Keep Punching Organization. The manufacturers are shipping it today (Friday) and we should get it by Monday (or when we get back from her next MRI trip to MI). Again, thank you to all of you who helped us get this whole wheelchair mess sorted out! Can't wait to see what Addie thinks about her new wheels!!




I am a brain tumor patient who would like to share with you an example of how your generous donations are used. I want to bring to light the significant impact that Keep Punching had and continues to have on me personally.


Within days of my diagnosis, my son coincidentally met Beth Fisher, however we now know it absolutely was not a coincidence. After this complete stranger consoled my son, she provided me with information and put me in touch with some of the best experts.


At a time when we were floundering with what to do next, Beth guided me. She was there quietly in the background taking whatever she could off of my plate. After my third surgery in one year, just the words "keep punching" from Beth energized me.


Additionally, as one can imagine, the endless necessities not covered by insurance are overwhelming. Keep Punching in their commitment to help those impacted by brain cancer, offers individual grants to assist with expenses. They did exactly that for me, handling the details from A to Z. Keep Punching gives the gift of hope.

- Carolyn, OCTOBER 2016


My granddaughter, Maddie is a 6 year brain cancer survivor. She wears a brace on her right leg and has limited use of her right hand.


Beth Fisher and the Keep Punching Organization provided a scholarship for Maddie to attend horseback riding therapy in Western Howard County. The therapeutic riding has helped strengthen Maddie's right side and also provided positive self esteem. Maddie continues to ride weekly and loves feeding the horses who bring her therapy and joy.

Our deepest gratitude to Beth and the organization for starting Maddie who is now 10 years old on a path for hope and strength to combat this disease. Please donate all that you can to help eradicate brain cancer for good. 

- Barbara

I wanted to thank you and Keep Punching for assisting Allen with Physical Therapy. I'm so grateful of the help.



My husband Ralph was diagnosed with a GBM in March of 2013. In August 2014 after a second resection left him with partial right side paralysis we moved to Baltimore and were fortunate to meet Beth Fisher and other members of the Keep Punching Board.


As Ralph's tumor progressed and the paralysis increased we were the lucky recipients of a lift chair donated by keep punching for Ralph's benefit. Having the chair enabled Ralph to join me and our three children in the living room on many days when he was weak, and for several weeks at the end of our time with him when he could no longer support himself or move easily from sitting to standing and laying down to sitting.


Thank you to Beth and the Foundation for giving us the gift of the chair and the family time we had together before Ralph died. We still have the chair and the kids take comfort in having something to sit and play in where Ralph spent so much time at the end of his battle.


- Adena, DECEMBER, 2014


Transportation went well for [the patient] yesterday and she and her family were so thankful for the assistance that Keep Punching provided. She seemed relieved that the journey to the clinic was much less taxing and frustrating than before.


This help really allowed her to concentrate on her treatments and meeting with the medical staff and less on the stress of getting here. Thanks to Keep Punching for this stress reliever! 


- Jessica, Social Worker


Before I had the Walk-Aid, I was in a firm foot brace and my ankle and foot barely moved due to the stiff structure of the brace.


Because of the financial support, I was able to purchase a Walk-Aid and get a new, much more adjustable and moveable brace for my foot. With the help of the Walk-Aid, I am now able to not only have ankle movement, but my entire leg works much better.

With the help of the Walk-Aid and Keep Punching funding, I have been able to give up my cane. It has given me confidence and freedom that I have not had since 2011. 

- Kevin, JULY 2014

Words alone can not express out thanks and gratitude to the "Keep Punching" organization supporting and offering financial grants to those with brain cancer. Because of you, dad has regained some independence by using his new "lift reclining chair". You do amazing things for those in need. Facebook friends please like their page and support their mission, they truly are angels on earth